YOUR POOCH AND POT: How Medicinal Marijuana Affects Your Dog

    With the medical marijuana industry soaring, it’s not surprising that the pet community is noting advantages that pot can bring to their pets who are in pain or have reoccurring seizures. Just as humans sometimes require medicinal marijuana to help alleviate aches and pains, the same has proven effective for dogs as well.


    There are many types and strains of medical marijuana that offer varying results. The purpose of medical marijuana is to help bring comfort to pain sufferers. Not all strains of the plant will produce results desired so to ensure you are choosing the correct option to directly help with your pet’s individual needs, be sure to research cannabinoids such as Cannibidiol (CBD), which are manufactured specifically to target health issues without the psychotropic effect that other strains of marijuana which contain the chemical, THC, may bring. THC is the ingredient that is toxic to pets when consumed in large quantities, but hemp contains beneficial properties that have proven safe for animal consumption.


    A company called Treatibles, one of many, makes dog and cat treats containing CBD for easy administration should a vet recommend medical marijuana to your pet. Their site contains valuable information regarding pets and marijuana and provides resources and research that has been done on studies of marijuana and pets. 


    Again, it’s important to remember that any form of marijuana should not be given to a pet unless prescribed and advised by a licensed veterinarian. Certain types of marijuana can be toxic or deadly, which is why researching and speaking to your vet is crucial to understanding what’s best for your dog and what symptoms to look for when administering marijuana. Research, inquire then decide.

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