September Tips

    Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

    Our dogs’ neuroses and naughty behavior are caused by our inability to be patient with them.  Rushing to leash them when they are going bananas to get out on that walk, quickly putting the food bowl down when their barking might wake the entire house, or just plain rushing in and out of the house to go to the next fun activity are some of the behaviors we help encourage by not being patient.

    Slow things down around your dogs.  When they are reacting hyper about an upcoming activity, just stop and wait for them to calm down, and then give them what they are anticipating.  If you put this to practice for the next month, you will have a much calmer home sooner than you realize.


    Diane’s Grooming Tip of the Month

    It’s good to check your dog’s paw pads regularly and year round to ensure the pads are moist and not becoming cracked, dry, or overly calloused. One of the most popular moisturizers for canine paw pads is Bag Balm - just gently rub a tiny amount into each pad. Bag Balm is also good for healing scrapes or abrasions on the pads. Human hand moisturizers should not be used as they can overly soften the pads leading to cuts, scrapes and other injuries.


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