Click, click, yum

    Over the past several months, NLOL has begun to incorporate clicker training into our regular training and kennel routine. For those of you who may not be familiar with clicker training, it is a dog training system which is based on a positive reinforcement system with sound association and treats.

    Our goal is to ensure dogs that are boarding or awaiting adoption with our organization remain as calm and stress free as possible in a kennel environment. With new boarding dogs coming and going as often as they do, it’s understandable that a regular kennel routine can be disrupted from time to time as dogs get excited or curious about newcomers coming into their territory. This can cause excessive barking, excitable energy, and stress.

    Since implementing clicker training, we have noticed a significant improvement in the dogs’ behaviors when it’s time to go in and out of the kennel. Every afternoon and evening when the dogs are situated into the kennel for rest, we walk through the kennel and pause at each door. Once the dog is quiet, calm, and relaxed, we use our clicker to induce the clicking sound and reward the dog with a treat. Once all of the other dogs catch on that the clicking sound equals food, it doesn’t take long before we have a quiet, calm, and happy kennel.

    There are lots of training techniques to help your dog succeed in obtaining a desired behavior. For a busy kennel environment with a revolving influx of different dogs with differing personalities, clicker training is a technique we have found successful for our needs and we believe the dogs enjoy it as well. If you’re interested in learning more about our clicker training techniques, email


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