Terrier Mix

    Herbie has been through a lot in the past year from what we gather from his previous owners who dumped him back at the shelter. He was adopted as a puppy by what he thought would be his forever home, but year later, the family surrendered him staing in their notes about him that "he's not good with dogs, kids, people, he's good for nothing." We couldn't help but immediately question this particular note and asked if we could meet Herbie in person. We were told which kennel we could find him in and as we approached, we spotted Herbie in the very back of the kennel laying in a bed trembling. Our attempts to coax him out by calling him over and crouching down to his level failed. He was too scared to move. However, while we were awaiting someone to help us get him out of his kennel, we walked away to view other dogs and when we looked back toward Herbie's kennel, he had come out to see us all on his own! We knew right then he was just scared and overwhelmed and rightly so.

    Once we were off leash with Herbie in the meet'n'greet area, he came up to us and didn't want to leave our sides. He was shy and unsure, but we were in disbelief about the notes that had been given about his personality, were expecting Kujo!

    When we got back to the rescue, we introduced him to our two other rescues and they all get along great. Herbie is now wagging his tail and is excited to see us when we visit him. From what we can gather, his former family may have been too exuberant for him and pushed him to a point where he was fearful and didn't feel safe. A quiet home where he can take his time to get used to his new surroundings is ideal for him. We're happy that we get to help Herbie find his true forever family!