May Tips

    Alec’s Training Tip of the Month
    Are you having concerns about the safety of your pooch with your children as the summer months approach?  Or maybe your dog is great with your own kids but you're worried about having extra kids around for play dates.  If so you are not alone.  As you prepare for the inevitability of more dog and kid time at home remember one very simple but vital rule: never leave your dog unsupervised with children.  Even the sweetest dog can make an incorrect choice out of confusion, or excitement and scratch or nip a child. Take the time right now to crate train your dog if you have not already done so, and make sure your dog is in it when the kids are around.  Make sure to let your dog out to play and potty every 4 hours during day light hours, and your home will be safe for everyone!  If you are finding yourself having guilty feelings about crating your dog, remember one thing, when your dog injures a child there is a very serious down side for everyone involved.

    Grooming Tip of the Month
    It may be tempting to shave off all that thick hair for the summer, but don't do it. Dogs use their coats as natural weather control and do not benefit from being completely shaved down. In fact, this can be uncomfortable and lead to skin problems since your dog's skin isn't meant to be exposed to that level of sun.
    Instead, be more diligent about brushing or combing your dog to remove thick winter undercoat. This will also prevent excess shedding and remove stickers and other objects that may find their way into your dog's coat while playing outdoors.



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