March Tips

    Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

    Work out your dog’s brain!  Try some mind bender games with your dog. The easiest one you can do right now, is to hide a treat under one of four overturned cups on the floor. Don't let your dog see you do it, just surprise him with it. When he gets engaged in the game, praise him and encourage him with your voice. When he finds the treat, praise him heavily!  This game can increase to hiding a treat somewhere in the house, and teaching your dog to "seek.” Also, look to your local pet store for more specially designed brain toys- our favorite is the Buster Cube!


    Diane’s Grooming Tip of the Month

    With the weather warming up, daily inspections of your dog for fleas and ticks during the warm seasons are important. Use a flea comb to find and remove fleas. There are several new methods of flea and tick control. Your vet can provide the proper methods and suggestions for your pet.

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