June Tips

    Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

    As you begin doing more social activities with your pooch for the summer, be sure to carefully observe your dog for signs of stress in public. Panting, hiding, and tail tucking are all high levels of stress. If your dog is feeling stressed in any situation be sure to ask people to please ignore your dog. Likewise, if you give your dog attention at this time you will be encouraging the behavior instead of modeling the notion that there is nothing to worry about (i.e: petting, talking to or treating). Your dog takes social cues from you. If you coddle your dog in a stressful environment they will feel there is something to be afraid of. 

    Go forth and have a fun summer with your four legged family members!


    Diane’s Grooming Tip of the Month

    With flea and tick season upon us, it can be a struggle to keep these disease and internal parasite-bearing creatures off our pets. Fortunately, a wide range of treatments are available.  Natural remedies include diatomaceous earth (ground fossilized remains of diatoms) sprinkled in the yard, home, and on pets which kills fleas and ticks and is harmless for pets to ingest, nematodes for the yard that eat flea larvae, flea combs, natural flea collar for dogs, natural flea spray, natural flea, apple cider vinegar added to the pet's water; keeping the yard and trees well-trimmed, etc.  Vet-recommended topical treatments include Advantage, Advantage II, K9 Advantix II, and Frontline.  The Internet presents warnings against certain brands that produce topical treatments and flea collars thought to be harmful or lethal to pets.

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