A Dog's Tail - Lindsey Vonn

    Lucky me!  When the folks at New Leash On Life saw me hiding in my tiny kennel at the East Valley Shelter medical section, they knew what they had to do!


    My leg was severely fractured and I was so terrified of people that I thought no one was ever going to save me. But, instead of turn away from me, they named me Lindsay Vonn (because I was so brave and beautiful) and whisked me away to a brighter future. Although my skiing days are limited, I know that I'm in excellent hands and I have a hopeful prognosis.  


    I'll keep everyone posted on my Dlog (That's dog speak for Blog).  Keep checking back for updates, I promise not to disappoint!

    Contact us  661.255.0097  info@nlol.org    PO Box 2240-587 Toluca Lake CA 91610