Dangerous Dog Diseases

    Post and infographic courtesy of guest blogger: Amber Kingsley


    Back in the day, canine contagions like distemper, rabies and the parvovirus were a real threat to the lives of our pets. But thanks to the advent of vaccines to help protect our four-legged friends from harm, these diseases have dissipated over time, but they’re still not completely absent from them being in jeopardy if not inoculated.


    The #1 Killer


    Kidney disease ranks highest on the list of the most deadly types of diseases that can take our dog’s lives well before their time. Causes include:


    • The ingestion of ingredients including common toxic household poisons like antifreeze.
    • Trauma resulting from an accident or other type of injury.
    • Interactions with another animal that could include animal bites and insect stings
    • An obstruction of the urinary tract that could be caused by a number of different problems.


    Keeping an eye on our pets includes watching for these possible dilemmas, but there’s a number of other problems that could be afoot that could threaten our pet’s health and safety.


    Preventable Problems


    Although issues like Lyme disease from ticks and heartworm transmitted by mosquitoes are largely preventable, they still end up on this list of deadly diseases that can strike down dogs in the prime of their lives. Be sure your pet is protected from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that carry numerous diseases and deadly threats.


    Large and in Charge


    Being overweight and obese has become a huge problem (pardon the pun) for people of all ages and this weighty problem is also being handed down to our pets. While almost 35% of dogs today are considered overweight, only about 40% of their canine caregivers are aware of their condition according to research from the infographic shown below.


    Check out some other problems and predicaments that can lead us astray when it comes to keeping our pets safely at bay. While cats may seem to have nine lives, this is only a fairy tale and we need to be realistic when it comes to the health of our canine companions.

    Dangerous diseases

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