Dangerous Dog Diseases

Post and infographic courtesy of guest blogger: Amber Kingsley


Back in the day, canine contagions like distemper, rabies and the parvovirus were a real threat to the lives of our pets. But thanks to the advent of vaccines to help protect our four-legged friends from harm, these diseases have dissipated over time, but they’re still not completely absent from them being in jeopardy if not inoculated.


The #1 Killer


What is a pit bull?

The term “pit bull,” is not a breed, but a category of types of dogs that fall under the pit bull classification. The common misclassification of the breed is dangerous in that it generalizes certain traits or features of a dog and labels them as pit bull even though they may not be pit bulls at all. So what is a pit bull?

Thoughts on AB 1199 - Perspective of a Retired Law Enforcement Officer now a Dog Rescue Worker

When I was approached to write my opinion on the proposed Police-Canine Encounters Protection Act (AB 1199), I was a bit apprehensive. My immediate thought was that I would anger my fellow animal lovers and dog rescuers out there with my opinions, which are heavily rooted in my many years spent being a police officer in the state of California. It is very difficult to try to explain to people what it is like to be a cop, and to deal with the things we deal with on a daily basis.

To Crate or Not to Crate?

Here at NLOL, we often hear from dog owners that they are wary of using a crate for their dog because they feel that is cruel. And sometimes, we hear that some owners use crates as a form of punishing their dog. To help clarify the proper usage and purpose of crates, we provided some information that we hope will serve to educate those who may be uncertain whether a crate is right for their dog.

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