October Tips

    Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

    OK, I know all of you out there who are devoted pet parents have one minor act of cruelty to inflict on your four legged loved ones.  HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! (Insert appropriate spooky music here). Perhaps you might want to consider a more kind introduction to Fido's costume this year rather than slapping it on him and then laughing hysterically while posting 500 pictures on Instagram.

    Consider, for instance, showing it to them with the enthusiasm you might use for a new toy. Only offer them a few treats as they sniff it and get comfortable with its presence. Then let it just "hang out" on the couch or somewhere where it can be in the background for a few days. Then simply drape it over your dog, take it off, and offer a treat again. Repeat this last step several times throughout another 2 or 3 days. Then put it on the poor dear for short periods of time giving praise, and maybe a few rounds of his favorite game. Lastly, when he appears comfy in it, start having him wear it for short walks in the neighborhood.  With the right amount of positive reinforcement and going slowly, your hot dog with extra ketchup will be ready for trick-or-treating like a seasoned professional.
    Happy Howl-o-ween!


    Diane's Grooming Tip of the Month

    Dogs with loose facial skin or wrinkles—such as shar peis and pugs—will need special attention. To prevent dirt and bacteria from causing irritation and infection, clean the folds with damp cotton. Always thoroughly dry the areas between the folds.
    If your dog has long or droopy ears, you should check them weekly. Remove wax and dirt from your pet's ears with a cotton ball moistened with water or a little mineral oil. You may need to remove any excess hair leading into the ear canal; ask your pet's vet or groomer to show you how before trying it at home. There are special hair removers that allow you to carefully pull one strand at a time. Source.


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