A Dog's Tail - Week 3

    I've been really focusing on creative cast wearing, since I'm getting the impression I'm going to have this thing for a while.  I have decided to figure out ways to overcome and adapt, most interestingly, I have managed to devise a system to sleep with my cast on my head!  You go ahead and try it, believe it or not, it very quickly becomes quite comfy.  I have other ways of having a blast in my cast such as the "peg leg pivot" as my foster family likes to call it, and making drummer like moves with it when I'm excited to get my breakfast or dinner.

    For the most part, I'm beginning to really ease into my new life as a foster doggie who gets lots of love, attention, overly frequent vet visits and this amazing food they call "Chicken".  I quite like it.

    Here is a picture my foster mom got of me the other day while I was snoozing with my cast on my head, I was a little annoyed, but kind of proud of my flexibility!



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