Rudy is a prime representative of​ how the Lend A Paw program utilizes homeless mixed breed rescues to serve as therapy dogs. Rudy and his two siblings as four week old puppies were rescued roadside in Antelope Valley and 4-6 weeks later they were adopted by loving families as pets. Rudy's handler chose to share the endless love given by this gentle giant and enrolled in the Lend A Paw therapy dog program where Rudy now enjoys a second purpose as they give back as a team. 


HOLLY works 2 jobs

Holly is a Lab mix who is very serious about maintaining a purpose. During the week Holly accompanies her handler, who is an educator, to school for children with special needs and on weekends Holly volunteers with her handler with Lend A Paw as a Therapy Dog visiting more children, adults and seniors to provide canine assisted therapy.  You go girl!


Bailey is a stunning Golden Retriever who is very good at his job as a Therapy Dog.  During his 7 year service as a certified Therapy Dog with Lend A Paw Therapy Dogs, this BIG boy has also mastered the art of posing for a photo and to lend a paw. Bailey and his handler also serve as a crisis response team.


Dangerous Dog Diseases

Post and infographic courtesy of guest blogger: Amber Kingsley


Back in the day, canine contagions like distemper, rabies and the parvovirus were a real threat to the lives of our pets. But thanks to the advent of vaccines to help protect our four-legged friends from harm, these diseases have dissipated over time, but they’re still not completely absent from them being in jeopardy if not inoculated.


The #1 Killer


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