Apartment Living With A Dog: Go Big Or Go Home?

    Actually, the answer to this question is, not necessarily, maybe yes and maybe no. At NLOL we want to look at all the options available to potential pet owners and finding the perfect fit. But just because you live in a smaller, more confined space doesn’t mean you have to go with a tiny dog to suit this smaller space.

    In these types of tighter living quarters, you might think a little Chihuahua, puny Pomeranian, or other type of tiny terrier is your only option, but you’d besurprised at the many different larger breed options available given these smaller spaces.

    Think of it this way, all dogs spend the majority of their time sleeping, after all, it’s a “dog’s life” and in some cases, the bigger they are, the harder they fall into slumber and relaxation. According to sleep research, the average canine spends about twelve to fourteen hours a day napping the day away. Larger canines, like a Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees have been given the nickname of “mat dogs” since they lay around for the most part and take endless naps throughout the da


    Exercise, Move Around, Have Some Fun While You Get Things Done

    Nappy canines, regardless of their size, still need a fair amount of daily exercise and mobility added to their sleeping schedule. So picking the right type of pup for your quarters is essential, but they still need to be kept active when they aren’t dormant. Walking, playtime and cuddling on the couch should all be considered in their daily routine.

    Obviously owning a dog is a big responsibility and there are many other considerations that come into play before taking on this important role. For more considerations before diving into this important decision, check out this infographic, “Apartment Living For Dog Lovers” before you think about taking a canine into a confined space.



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